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MehranSard Company In 1988, with the efforts of Mr. Hossein Alamdari, Mehran Sard Company was established and with the efforts of Alamdari’s family, it was transformed from a small production workshop into one of the most active industrial complexes in the Abbasabad industrial town of Tehran. Currently, Mehran Sard, with direct employment for 200 people and annual production of 2,000 types of refrigerated containers and trailers, fixed and mobile refrigerators, telecommunication shutters, special containers and containers, as well as nearly 500,000 square meters of various types of polyurethane sandwich panels, has been able to meet the needs of companies.

Active in various industries to eliminate these products. Controlling the quality requirements in all stages of production and using the latest technology in the production unit has continuously improved the products and increased the level of customer satisfaction during the years of operation of the Mehran cold complex.

We believe that “selling is not the end of work, but the beginning of a commitment” and we will always try to comply with international standards, quantitative and qualitative development of products and pay attention to details in all units, the first and most reliable Mehran Sard brand. Let’s change the choice of our customers.

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